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“By taking care of your chimney,

I am protecting you, your family and the environment”

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The Chimney Cleaning Company is a friendly one-man business offering a variety of skilled sweeping services, run by me, Mike Brookes. As the proprietor and sweep, I’m professionally trained, HETAS approved and NVQ qualified, putting me in the best position to provide everything from a standard sweep of your chimney to bird rescue or a chemical clean for a badly neglected flue.

Based in Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset, I’m in an excellent location for sweeping the wider area of Somerset, Bristol, and South Gloucestershire.

10 August Update!

Do not wait any longer to book your birds nest removal… take a look at my latest blog to see what could be hiding in your chimney!

My Services

Chimney cleaning services include everything from a visual inspection of the chimney pot and stack to full sweep and also stove maintenance. You can find more details on my Services page here.

Serious Bit

Regular cleaning of your chimney is vitally important. Chimney fires can quickly spread to your home or business place, putting property, livelihoods, and loved ones in danger, and leaving you with an expensive repair bill.

If you only need your chimney swept once a year, this should be done before each winter, as birds often use chimneys as nesting spots. Falling stonework, rubble, leaves and even cobwebs can block chimneys and stop or reduce the flow of air and cause Carbon Monoxide to enter the home instead of being vented from the property. 

You can find more safety related information by going to my Maintenance page.


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